A Place to Call Home

Are you looking for a place that you can finally call home? A place where people accept you and love you just as you are? A place that feels like family? Then maybe the Woodland Oaks Church of Christ is just that place. We are a warm and loving group of people who are dedicated [...]



Live Streaming and Archive Videos»

Live streaming of all of our services and video recordings of our Sunday morning sermons and Sunday morning auditorium Bible class are now available for you to watch online! Here is your chance to worship with us online, catch up on a sermon or Bible class that you missed, or to share it with someone! [...]

Daily Bible Reading

2015 Reading Schedule»

Read through the Bible in one year!  At Woodland Oaks this is one of the things we challenge each other to do every new year.  Join us as we prepare to journey through God’s Word in 2015.  Below are reading schedules (courtesy of TheBible.net and esv.org) for you to follow and reach your goal.  May God bless [...]


Loving the Trees»

Loving the Trees                 In a recent Bible study I was trying to think of an illustration to demonstrate the necessity of understanding that we all bring baggage that hinders our ability, or maybe our willingness, to understand and accept things the bible teaches. And sometimes that baggage may be more precious to us than [...]

Cory's Archives (Thoughts from our former Youth Minister)

No App for That»

Over the last several years, there has been a growing phenomenon among teenage groups.  We are losing our ability to talk.  Ok…maybe “communicate” is a better term (because we all know you kids can “talk”).  And perhaps we could narrow it further to “meaningful communication”.  More and more I look around and see young people [...]

Sermons Online

Sermons for March 2015»

March 1, 2015 – AM: “The Greatest Treasure: I Timothy 6″ by Ken Stegall March 1, 2015 – PM: “No Little People–No Little Places” by Ken Stegall March 8, 2015 – AM: “Our God-Breathed Bible” by Ken Stegall March 8, 2015 – PM: “Jesus and Jairus” by Ken Stegall March 15, 2015 – AM: “Be [...]

Bible Classes Online

Spring Quarter 2015»

If you desire a CD, a copy may be requested by completing a request form (available at the Welcome Center) or by contacting the church office. If you wish to listen to the Bible classes online, click on the links below. Please feel free to share these Bible classes with anybody you feel could benefit from them. Sunday Class: “Romans” by Ken Stegall [...]